Welcome to the End of the World

Welcome to the Temporary Home of Post Pandemic. We’re Still in the process of setting things up.

Post Pandemic is a Post-Apocalyptic Battle Game with a light weight Role Play System. But the game Is designed to fill the gap between Fast Paced Battle Games, and story driven LARPs. This game is about survival. Food is the most important commodity. There are no mutants, no monsters that aren’t to their core Human. Humanity and their capacity for faith and cruelty, and the power of human will are at the center of Post Pandemic. The Combat is a fast paced struggled to control as much territory or resources as your faction can. Each battle has meaning. The world around you changes based on your actions with no scripted endings. Control of the world is won by fighting for every inch of ground and every scrap of food. Game Runners Create Locations and NPCs but the Players are the story. Faith becomes a weapon in the hands of those dedicated to their service of a higher calling. Minor miracles can turn the tide of combat. But faith has no prejudice, and even those calling on dark masters find something to answer their call. I created this game to be changed and adapted by the players. The Rules are a starting point. And can and will be subject to update. When I say this game is for everyone I mean it, this game only works because of the people who play it.

You Can Join us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/groups/postpandemic

or you can Reach us at: postpandemiclarp@gmail.com

NEW Updates:


New Rule Book can Be Found Here : Post Pandemic 05-03-2019

Our Next event is August 9, 10, 11 At Drager Farm in Marietta, PA

Tickets are 15 Dollars in Advance or 25 Dollars at the Gate.

Tickets include a BBQ Saturday Night.

Pre-Reg Is Now Open. Just click the Link Below.